4 comments on “Windows 8 On The Desktop

  1. Hi MotorMouth, I was wondering if you have been able to get the multi touch gestures working on your UX21e, I recently grabbed one on sale, and the lack of two finger scrolling and the like is the only thing stopping me from using win 8 as my main os

    • I hate trackpads; my machine spends 90% of it’s time hooked up to a big monitor with the lid closed and I never, ever use it without a mouse so I’ve not even tried. In fact, I don’t even know any multi-touch gestures apart from “pinch-to-zoom”. I’ll look some up later today, try them out and get back to you.

    • It seems that I can’t use multi-touch gestures at all. It responds to a two-finger tap for right-click but that’s about it. I read on CNet that you can download drivers to get it working but it’s beyond my interest, I’m afraid.

      • Thanks for checking, read the same article, I guess I’ll have to wait for an official fix. Thanks again

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