2 comments on “Start Screen

  1. The way you just organised that start menu screen makes me now want to try win 8 again. I had no idea with the small amount of time I played in Win 8 I could do that!

    Can you choose to make some tiles bigger etc? Like say i wanted PS to be a large 2 square icon and the other adobe apps under it as 1 square?

    • You can only resize the Metro apps, not desktop applications like Photoshop. Hopefully the changes they are making to Windows Phone, which will soon have three different size tiles to choose from, will trickle across to Windows before too long.

      The thing is, though, that I almost never see the Start Screen. I log -in, click the desktop icon and spend pretty much the rest of my day on the desktop. I feel like I should try and use the Metro stuff more but I don’t really have any need for most of it, especially with the latest overhaul to Hotmail.

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